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Life Strategies for all 1:1 clients.

Career Strategies for individuals.

Business Strategies for executives.

Workshops For all your coaching needs.

IMPACTful solutions.




Using Strategic Intervention methodology, we will use one-on-one coaching sessions in a supportive environment to explore your needs, goals, and co-create an action plan to achieve your potential. Available by phone and by appointment only, so there are no distractions.




In our one-on-one coaching we help you to choose a career path, make a career change, build your brand, find the right opportunities, and take action to reach for your potential. Our workshops teach you how to create a plan for action, have the right mindset for success, and how to create impact in your career. 





In our one-on-one executive coaching sessions, we help you meet the needs of your organization, develop as a leader, and achieve your potential. We teach you how to hire the right people for your business. We are your partner and coach every step of the way and will provide specialized people services when you need them. 


Our IMPACTful People Strategies workshops for business success will teach you how to find the right candidates, how to interview, how to counteract unconscious bias, how to conduct due diligence and evaluate suitability, and how to protect your company's interests.

Our IMPACTful Career Strategies workshops can be tailored to teens, college students and recent graduates, military/veterans, military spouses, and to those with established careers wanting to pivot successfully. Whether you want to join the military, exit the military, get hired by a Fortune 500 company, work for a local business, or build your own business, we can help you find your way.

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