Solutions for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Are you ready for your business to be more Inclusive?

Do you want to know if unconscious bias or implicit bias exists in your organization?

We offer executive coaching and consultative services to meet the needs of your organization and your leaders, so that you can make a difference.

Inclusive business process review, analysis, and recommendations to remove biases, diverse recruiting strategies, unconscious bias training, inclusive leadership development, coaching, and more, to meet all of your needs around Diversity, Equity, and inclusion.


Inclusive Leadership

Competent leaders are inclusive and know how to build effective teams so that everyone feels seen, heard, and valued. Great leaders know that they don't know everything. We will help you understand where you can improve in order to bring everyone along, without leaving anyone out.

Unconscious and Implicit Bias


We all have blind spots. What matters is that others may experience the results of unconscious and implicit biases even if you don't. We all have unconscious biases, but inclusive practices and processes can be put into place in order to counter them. We help you build equitable practices so that everyone's experience is a fair one. 



Psychological Safety

If you don't have psychological safety on your team or in your organization, you won't have trust. A lack of psychological safety leads to people not speaking up with ideas, when something is wrong, or when there's a safety issue. This experience becomes stressful for the people enduring it, creating less engagement, lowered job satisfaction, health issues related to stress, and higher turnover.

Consultative Services and Executive Coaching

With a focus on Diversity and Inclusion and counteracting unconscious and implicit biases, we will teach you how to find the right candidates, how to interview, how to conduct due diligence, how to legally evaluate suitability, and how to protect your company's interests while being fair to everyone.

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