Amanda Najar-Cabrera, MBA, is a former Navy officer and federal government official with global experience and background in creating Diversity recruitment strategies, inclusive leadership training, countering unconscious bias, and building psychological safety and trust in teams. 


Amanda is passionate about inclusive leadership, creating equitable environments, and creating trust in teams so that people offer ideas, speak up without fear of repercussions, and are valued.


Amanda has a certification in Diversity and Inclusion from Cornell University, is a certified Strategic Intervention Coach through Robbins-Madanes Training, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Social Psychology at Walden University.


Everyone wants their life and their work to have meaning, but the other part of the equation are the leaders for whom they work. Leadership means teaching and mentoring others so that they become the best they can be, and giving employees opportunities to advance and pursue their dreams. You cannot effectively do that if you aren't self-aware about Diversity and Inclusion across your organization.

We are here to help you know better so that you can do better.

​Do you know how Inclusive your leaders are?
Inclusive Leaders ​make better business decisions and create happier and healthier environments for employees.
Let us help you build a better organization with better leaders. When you know better, you do better.

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